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WE HELP PASS on financial AND ethical VALUES from one GENERATION to the next.

Succession Planning & Trusts

EMUN is the leading organization in the field of estate planning for the largest family-owned businesses in the Czech Republic. We have created trust funds and foundations, so that they are managed in accordance with international standards to which our family office adheres to. We have created family asset structures in excess of 30 billion CZK. Moreover, we are the first company in the Czech Republic to receive a license from the Czech National Bank to administer trust funds. 

To that end, we regularly advise founders on various forms of succession planning including the preparation of the future generation as well as long-term asset monitoring and management. 



Transfer of Assets Plan

Transfer of Assets Plan is a key document for estate planning and transfer from one generation to the next, which outlines both past and future estate transfers within the family. Timelines and forms of asset transfer are an integral part of this document. Each estate plan is individually customized, taking into account the following factors:

  • Founders vision and wishes in terms of asset transfer.
  • The size and complexity of the assets.
  • The family’s history, size, age structure and lifestyle.
  • Family’s residence or domicile and their property. 
  • Family’s philanthropic aims.
  • Timelines consideration.

“Causa Mortis” - Complex Wills and Bequests

We provide and offer clients advice and administrative support in the area of will preparation and asset bequests. 
In conformity, with the asset transfer plan, we arrange all of the necessary legal documents. 

  • We oversee both asset registrations and archiving of estate documents. 
  • We act as the executors of our clients’ wills.

Family and Philanthropic Trusts and Foundations

Based on internationally recognized industry wide standards and principles from abroad, including experiences of our long-term clients, we individually develop the following estate planning structures:

  • Domestic Trusts
  • Liechtenstein foundations
  • Trusts in Jersey and Liechtenstein
  • Philanthropic foundations and endowment funds

Family Constitution

We advise and prepare the Family Constitution, which is the family’s strategic document. In essence it describes the basic rules of intergenerational dealings and management of the family’s assets. 

The Family Constitution may include but is not limited to dealing with the family’s values, roots, and vision. For instance, it encompasses the family’s code of ethics, conflict resolution, employment policy of the family members, disbursement of benefits and so on. 


Trust Administration - EMUN Trustee

We offer Trust administration to our clients in alignment with our license from the Czech National Bank.

succession planning
and trusts?

Given our extensive experience in managing complex asset structures your wealth will not be a burden for your children. We focus on respecting the family’s culture and reflecting it in our proposed solutions. Inspired by dynastic planning of other clients, we educate, prepare, and inspire the founders and their family members in long-term asset management. We specialize in individual solutions related to each family’s transfer of asset plans including the establishment and administration of trust or foundations in alignment with internationally recognized standards. 

We are the first company in the Czech Republic to have received a license in the trust administration.